Tulsi and Sam do mankind a favor by lifting Yoga beyond the fad it has become. The best part is that they make it so easily accessible with their gentle and lovingly focused pedagogy, giving holistic training a whole new meaning.

The hatha yoga practices help bring stability to my system and provide me with a sense of ease. Overall, they contribute towards creating a prolonged state of balance and alignment within myself, allowing me to move through the day effortlessly.
— John Murray, New Jersey

There is a wonderful sincerity of purpose to what Tulsi and Sam are doing. When you add their personal warmth and grace to all this, it becomes difficult for their Hatha Yoga programs not to be a memorable experience...

I liked the pace of the class with Sam and Tulsi; the focus on perfecting just one practice during the the session. Later when I practiced it on my own, it was so satisfying to know that I could do it myself, knowing exactly where I could refine.
— Anushka Jhaveri, Dubai

The one thing that I carried away with me post the talk by Sam and Tulsi was passion. Here were two young people who were following their heart. You can feel the purity of their intention. Go experience it.
— Richa Khanduri, Mumbai

Usually with yoga classes, I have to depend on the yoga teachers to continue, but with Tulsi and Sam, I felt empowered to practice on my own after, because they were so clear and I understood the significance of the practice.